Specializing in Small Business Accounting



Est. 2000

 Jacksonville, Florida


I have worked in Accounting for 15+ years in various roles in the field. From Small Business bookkeeping to Professional Race Team bookkeeping, budgeting and crew!


I started in the field on Long Island, New York and moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1996 and began my own business as an affordable alternative to over priced firms working with start-up businesses in the year 2000.


FTBBS specializes in Small Business’ and has many varied monthly clients from Restaurants, Pubs, Retail,  Attorney’s, Doctor's, TV and Radio Production, Aviation, Landscapers, Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs,  and more.

I offer full service accounting from Monthly Books, Payroll, Corporate and Personal Tax Preparation, Licensing Assistance and Preparation, Incorporating, IRS and State Issues settled, as well as Notary Services.


All clients now matter how big or small the business is are treated with the same professional courtesy and utmost respect. All jobs are completed in a professional, timely, affordable manner suitable for any size business or budget by me personally.


I spend my free time with my husband Clyde and our Chihuahua Garcia in our gardens. When not entertaining friends, music, literature, and films are also a big part of my down time...when I have it!